Jeans: The Bling List

Americans spend almost $20 billion every year on jeans, and with prices like these… It’s no surprise!

10) Levi Strauss & Co.

The name Levi Strauss & Co. has generally been associated as a down-to-earth, practical brand, but the company has recently gone to extremes its new premium denim. Called the Levi Capitol E jean, these high-end pants are sewn by hand out of high-quality denim and it can take as many as 30 people from start to finish to craft just one pair. They range as high as $500 a pair and, like a fingerprint, no two are exactly alike.

9) 7 For All Mankind

High quality fabric and exceptional cut,  7 For All Mankind pairs start at a few hundred dollars and are readily available at better department stores in a variety of colors, weaves and styles. Prices can run as high as almost $1,000. Die-hards swear their worth the illusion of thinner legs and leaner thighs. Hmmmm…
8) Earnest Sewn

Ernest Sewn Custom Fit Jeans are made for those fashionistas who demand a perfect fit. These jeans are also made from rare batches of fine hand-dyed denim, making them unique. When you order a pair, they are made to perfectly fit your individual size and body shape. In addition, you can select the details that you would like to add, such as rivet material and size. The cost for such a customized style is about $1,000.

7) Roberto Cavalli

Bejeweled premium denim jeans offered by Roberto Cavalli are faves among celebrities and fashion insiders, including Jennifer Lopez. You can find these extravagant jeans at high-end department stores, or at the Roberto Cavalli boutique on Madison Avenue in New York City. A pair will cost you close to $1,200.

6) Dolce & Gabbana

With an impeccable track record for beautiful clothing designs, Dolce & Gabbana have taken a bite out of the high-end jean market as well with their take on distressed faded denim with an embroidered butterfly design. The finishing touch is an elegant gold D&G logo centered on a pink leather patch that decorates the back pocket and let’s people know who is the creator behind this attractive and eye-catching design. The price for a pair is just under $1,200 and this unique item is in limited supply, resulting in a waiting list worldwide.

5) APO Jeans

When you select APO Jeans custom denim, you can choose rivets made from ilver, gold or platinum ,and even opt for real diamonds in the place of a regular button. With silk-lined pockets and perfectly polished zipper, it’s no wonder such luxurious details, in addition to the finest denim, doesn’t come cheap. APO considers its premium denim and detailing “cream of the crop,” and charges accordingly. In fact, the price tag for this product with all of the bells and whistles is $4,000. But in return, you receive a written appraisal from a prestigious New York City jeweler so you can protect your investment.

4) Gucci

There is an elegance and timelessness that is conveyed by anything Gucci. This premise holds true even when the item in question comes tattered and ripped. At least that’s the idea behind the Gucci Genius jeans, which were made from a pair of regular jeans that were specially treated and torn to make them look old and worn. Then the jeans were covered with African beading, feathers and buttons to give them a unique look. The finished product, which was unveiled on the Milan back in 1998, was priced at just a bit more than $3,100, earning it a mention in Guinness World Records. (Today this would be equal to just over $4,000.)

3) Escada

For those center of attention seekers, consider luxe designer Escada’s version of the custom jean, which lets the buyers select any details and styling their hearts desire. The finished item is priced accordingly. Some fans of this jean really exercise their creativity, adding a range of embellishments worthy of a princess or queen. The most expensive custom pair to date was decked in Swarovski crystals. The price for this indulgence was $10,000.

2) Levi Strauss & Co.

While most of the jeans on this list are new, the ones that hold the number two spot are a pair that is actually very, very old. These jeans are a pair of original Levi Strauss & Co. that date back to the 1880s and lots of history is captured within the weave of its vintage fabric. These jeans, which are an original example of the Levi 501 style, sold at auction on EBay in 2005 for a shocking $60,000. This translates today to more than $65,000. The winner was a Japanese collector who asked to remain anonymous.

While this is a record-breaking Levi sale, there are two others that are worth mentioning here. The first was a pair of Levi’s also from the late 1800s that were bought by Levi Strauss & Co. in 2001 for about $46,000 (today this equals more than $55,000). In addition, a recent EBay auction for a pair of Levis more than century old that were found in a California goldmine sold for more than $36,000.

1) Secret Circus

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – whether on your neck… or on your backside. Secret Circus included a design made from a large collection of high-quality (and substantially-sized) diamonds on their pants. Rumor has it that the first pair was sold for a shocking $1.3 million.

It’s Official: Lana Del Ray for #H&M… Love it or hate it?

The indie chanteuse has been confirmed as the new front for H&M’s fall fashion campaign.

Remember that performance she gave on Saturday Night Live?

Lana Del Ray Performance on SNL

… That triggered Kristen Wiig’s hilarious parody and backlash.

I have to admit that she takes a bit of getting used to. The first few times I heard her on the radio, I wanted take my own life. Holy depressing. Fast forward a few months, and she’s slowly starting to grow on me.

Whether you love her or hate her, H&M on Monday confirmed that Del Rey will indeed be the global face of H&M’s fall advertising — with a second campaign planned for winter.

Del Rey’s retro look — Sixties-inspired minidresses and long “ironed” hair has invited comparisons to Priscilla Presley’s early days with Elvis. It has not gone unnoticed by the fashion industry. Mulberry named a handbag after the singer and she was signed in January by Next modeling agency; Del Rey landed on the cover of Vogue in March. The H&M gig is her first modeling job.

“The mood is very L.A. noir,” said Donald Schneider, H&M’s creative director. “It’s inspired by our fall collection.” Looking like a Fifties screen siren in one ad — the print campaign was photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin — Del Rey wears a pale pink angora blend sweater. Del Rey performed a cover of “Blue Velvet” for a minifilm that will be released on on Sept. 19 and subsequently distributed globally. Edited versions will be used as TV commercials.


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