Need a new #Summer #Hobby ?

Every once in a while, I find the need to pick up a new hobby. Some last, most don’t, but nevertheless, I can at least say I tried! My latest hobby was born out of inspiration from a friend who designs and creates the most gorgeous fashions!

I thought quite simply (and naively), ‘I can do this!’ I think my naivete and ambition has gotten the better of me. I digress.

I went out, bought a new sewing machine; went to the souq and bought all kinds of beautiful fabrics, and all the tools necessary to start this hobby.

Well, that was about a month ago, and the darned thing is still sitting in the box taunting me. On a positive note, I have watched the (1/2 hour) video and read the manual on how to get the machine set up – perhaps that’s where I went wrong! Not only does the actual creation of clothing sound daunting, but just setting up the machine to get it in working order is a complete task unto itself. You’d think in this day and age they’d find a way to make sewing machines a little more intuitive and the set-up more simplified! For crying out loud, it’s 2012. I should press a button and it should just spit out the item I desire in my perfect size! Either that, or I’ll just continue retail therapy to sooth my stress from this hobby! Let the pros do what they do best me thinks!

No, no. I WILL CONQUER THIS (I keep saying to myself!) And, conquer I shall. Eventually. In the meantime, thank goodness for my blog! At least I know how to work it! By the way, said friend forgot to mention that her mother’s been teaching her for 14 years. So, I called my mom who once made me a dress back when I could wear a pillowcase and it would look cute. Her reaction: “Oh honey, you don’t have the patience for this kind of thing.” Thanks mom.

She may have a point though. I am now onto the search for my next hobby, and with that, I am inspired to help you! I did a Google search on hobbies, and found a response on Yahoo for this question. So, if you haven’t got your own blog (or sewing machine), here’s a list of hobbies to get you on the right track (pretty sure it was written by a man, so I took out the woodworking, unless you’re into carpentry?)

Here we go: Gardening, blacksmithing, knife making, rustic furniture making, Boat making, rock climbing, cabinet making. Paper mache, miniature model making Crocheting, Knitting ,Cross stitching, embroidery, sewing,Quilting, Photography, cave climbing. Rock climbing, antique collecting, Tool & die work,Glass blowing. Hand spinning wool & yarn, pewter work, Printing , Stonework, cement & concrete worker, Sculptor, Special Effect man, Geologist or rock collector, meteor collector, Explosive Man, Flower arranging. Fashion designer, Farmer,Horse Raising and breeding, Veterian.Casino worker, brickworking, masonery, Model train collector. Toy Making. drafting, Electronic whiz. Robot maker, Silversmith, goldsmith, coppersmith, tool collector, historian, calligrapher. Civil war reinactors, Gun Collecting.stamp collecting. Bird watching. home interior decorator,conductor, hostess, thrill seeker, Surfer,scienitist, Stunt man,wheelmaker, kitchen & home collector,fishing collecting,blowtroch collector,bottle collector,comb collector,mining equipment and collectibles,lantern collect, Steam,air, and
electric organ and pianio collecting, vacumm cleaner collecting,quilt collecting,Scrimshaw, toy collecting, carriage Building or coachmaking and repairing as well as collecting,Wheelmaking,sleigh collecting and building, Farm implements, pulleys,locks,steam & air gauge collecting, tinsmithing, brass smithing, ornamental ironwork, clock collecting and making (horology). Coopering, Steam engine and locomotive collecting and making, Steam whistle collecting and making ,musicial instruments collecting, vinyl and Cd record collecting slide rule, surveyor instruments collecting, Thermometer & Meterology Instruments collecting, saw blade collecting, Flag collecting,Autograph collecting,clothes, yarn weaving,String art , Movie poster collecting, Magazine and book collecting,Paper collecting, garderning, insect collecting, Stamp collecting, cake decorating, Pottery, Microscopery, Telescopes collecting, music box collecting, Armor collecting, Teapot collecting, Teacup collection Painting,art collecting, Picture, postcard
collecting, Orgimai, Tourist items,Plastic tinkets,Perfeme bottles,1900’s cast iron banks, Telephones, TV sets ,Taxis,Cookie Jars,Native American Art, African Art,Americana Art,Movie Reel Collecting, needle collecting, Star wars memobias, Cereal box collecting, pocket knive collecting, Knive collecting, Fence Collecting, Electricial insulator collecting, card collecting, play card collecting, Board game collecting. Doll Collecting. Ad collecting, Sign collecting,clown memorabilia, Escapologist or Magican memorabilia and stuff, Magican Pen collecting, Pencil collecting,music memorabilia Codebreaking memorabilia, crossword Puzzles, word search games or books, kite making, yo-yo,Diadlo, knotting,Hula-hooping, dancing, blogging, toblaning, singing, acting, Learn a foreign language, Beadwork, candlemaking, Scuba diving, Swimming, hiking, backpacking,camping, horseback riding, biking,Latch hooking, Anwering Q. on Yahoo, pole dancing,mountain biking,sky diving,Model training, story writting, paper embrodering, papercrafts, Candlemaking, Beading , Astronomy, You can learn a language, Unicycle, biking, motorcycling, motorcycle collecting , Dirt biking, Police memorabilia, wooden wagons and stagecoach collecting, locks and keys collecting, Blueprint collecting, Homes and building collecting, Model rocketery, clock collecting, calulator collecting skateboarding and skateboard collecting,Rc car aircraft, boats collecting, Pinball machine collecting or Pinball wizard, video game machine collecting. theme park memorabilia, stain glass working, Space memorabilia, Spoon or fork or silverware collecting ,axe collecting, Sky diving, Black project or ops collecting or a consipacist { Just be care on this one or you might disappear without a trace or worst}, Shot glass collecting,Beer mug Collecting , Christmas ornament collecting ,Seed collecting, rising birds, toothpick or matchstick building, Recipe collecting, cooking, and cookware collecting, Certains or fabric collecting,sewing machine collecting ,tree collecting Bonsai, bird watching, Dog breeding,Dog trainer, Cat trainer, Teacher, snow or ice scuplturing ,sandcasting, fencing, Fatheads Pictures,computer viruses ( just don’t send them),Playboy magazines,gynnastics, Disk Jockey( DJ for short),metal detecting, Home painting,geocaching,water skiing, boating. Jet setting. airplane piloting, door to door salesman,Tv repairman, chess, checkers and other games, ship in the bottle builting, or put things in a bottle CB- Radio, Orienteering,Tatting, Batik, Metal Punch, Rug Braiding, Decoupage, Beading, Bow making, Patchwork ,Chicken Scratch ,Dough Sculpting, Seed Painting, Face Painting,Silk Stitching,Scherenschnitte,pine cone painting, Tin punching. Tennis, baseball, Softball,Football,Field and track running.Diamond and jewerly collecting, Ham Radio operator,Stereo player collecting, DIY Projects, Model Rocketry and Rocketry,Boy Scouts,Cub Scouts, Eagle Scouts, Belt buckle collecting,Shoe collecting, Play a musical instrument of some type, leathercrafts, Scrapbooking collecting, Belt buckle collecting,Shoe collecting, collecting a musical instrument, leathercrafts, piggy banks, Bead Making or Work, Abbacus collecting,Plastic work,Fiberglass working,entertainment director, Square dancing,Disco dance,Ballroom Dancing, Video gaming, Opera actor, Ballooning, Recreational Boating, Recreational Flying, airplane collecting, Guitar collecting, temari.

Apologies for the lack of formatting and grammar in some cases. Some are outright weird – and perhaps not even English, but hey, get inspired!If all else fails, start a Pinterest account. For now, I’m very content with my blog!

Happy hobbying!

IPad 3 in stores March 16 in UK and US – what you need to know

New iPad announced Apple has announced the new iPad to the world, featuring a raft of new  tech over the previous version including a super high-res screen. Read New iPad announced: Retina display confirmed for the full details.

Hands on: new iPad review The new Apple iPad has finally arrived bringing with it a superlative  retina display, quad-core graphics A5X processor and an improved camera. We’ve been playing with the new iPad and our Hands on: new iPad review has our thoughts.

New iPad: everything you need to know OK, we now have all the details of Apple’s new iPad which comes complete with the new iOS 5.1. Read New iPad: everything you need to know for, well, everything you need to know.

New iPad vs iPad 2: which should you choose? So the confusingly-named new iPad has been announced. But how does it differ from the iPad 2 – which, coincidentally, will still be available to buy and – better still – has fallen in price. Decisions, decisions: New iPad vs iPad 2: which should you choose?

New iPad release date revealed The  new iPad release date is 16 March, with pre-orders starting from   today. New iPad prices are as follows: 32GB is $599 and 64GB for $699. For more details and additional prices, read New iPad release date revealed

New iPad: where can I get it? The new iPad has been announced, and we’ve been in contact with all the UK networks to see who is stocking it. Hit New iPad: where can I get it? if you’re itching to buy one.

Apple slates Samsung in new iPad keynote Apple  had a bit of a pop at Samsung at the launch of the new iPad with Tim  Cook dissing the look of the apps on a Samsung Galaxy Tab when compared  with apps on an iPad. Read Apple slates Samsung in new iPad keynote to see what Cook said.

New iPad ‘better than Xbox 360 and PS3’ Whoah. The new iPad has a better screen resolution and more memory than both the Xbox 360 and the PS3? But those aren’t exactly new consoles, are they? More: New iPad ‘better than Xbox 360 and PS3’Analysis: See what our colleagues on GamesRadar have to say about gaming on the iPad.


Garageband, iMovie and iPhoto land on new iPad Garageband and other iLife for OS apps have been shown off at Apple’s new iPad event. More: Garageband, iMovie and iPhoto land on new iPad

iPad 2 price gets slashed Now that the new iPad has been announced, that scruffy old iPad 2 has seen a price drop. You’ll now be able to nab a 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad 2 for $399 in the US, which will comes out at £329 in the UK. More: iPad 2 prices slashed

iOS 5.1 arrives on new iPad, iPhone 4S and co Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that iOS 5.1 is available to download from today, at the new iPad launch event in San Francisco.


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