Have you tried these 10 #summer #beauty #trends yet?

Summertime is a great opportunity to experiment with wild and wacky trends – some definitely more edgy than others. Why not take the opportunity to give your regular beauty routine a total overhaul, even for just one or a few occasions? We’ve narrowed down (which wasn’t easy!) the top 10 trends that you should try if you haven’t already.

Taut Top Knot
Here’s a mane mantra to live by: When in doubt, pile it high. This summer, when pulling your tresses up into a high bun, brush it sleek and wrap it tight, so that it’s a little less lazy and a little more beautiful ballerina.

Fluorescent Lips
Pack a vibrant fruit-punch to your pout. It’s a shockingly simple way to stand out from the crowd. Just remember this cardinal rule of cosmetics — when your lips are this eye-catching, be sure to tone down everything else.

Gilded Eyes

A gorgeous gilded gaze very well may be the easiest way to draw attention to your eyes without being obvious. Cover lids in a soft golden hue to make peepers pop in an easy, breezy, ethereal way.

Pastel Digits
This season, muted nails read darling and dreamy, and flirty and feminine — not Gran’s tea party. Between mint, cornflower, lilac, rose, peach, and daffodil, there’s a plethora of pretty pastel polish picks that are just as girlish as they are sophisticated.

My Little Pony Strands
If you’re bold enough, have a little fun with your hair by adding colorful highlights or dipping the ends in a vibrant hue. Be it teal, tomato, fuchsia, lavender, or canary, you just need to find a shade that works with your complexion.


Turquoise Tint
Contrary to popular belief, this color happens to be one of the most versatile shades on the shelves. Liberally dust this hue across your eyelids, or lightly line your lower rim. Make it subtle and smoky, or go dark and dynamic — either way, you’ve got a bevy of stunning options available to you. Decisions, decisions.

The Tangerine Pout
Pantone’s Color of the Year has made its way from a swatch suggestion to a mainstream mandate. Give classic cherry red a run for its money, but if it’s a bit too bold for you, tone it down and opt for its more subdued color cousin, coral, instead.

The Down-Do
We love it when locks can look laid-back and luxe at the same time. Toss the tools, brush, and comb — you won’t need them for this hairstyle. Just grab a few bobby pins and create an imperfectly perfect loose look that’s all your own. The point is to keep it messy, so flyaways and loose strands are totally encouraged. Just keep twisting and pinning until you create a coif you love.

Lacquered Locks
Quite the opposite of bed-head, slicked back wet-head, as seen on countless runways, gives stunning results.  When it’s scorching hot outside, why bother spending time tussling with your tresses when you can palm a handful of lightweight scrunching gel through your damp strands for a simple but stunning result? The fresh-out-of-the-water has never been so alluring.

Neon Nails
Here’s a fun way to get in on this season’s Lite-Brite trend without going overboard — doll up your digits in a flamboyant neon hue that reads more Jem and The Holograms than total ’80s-fashion reject. Pair it with an all-white outfit for statement making appeal.

Fun with Hot Rollers – the BIG Updo

Sometimes, you wanna try something a little different – and a lot bigger!

Depending on day or night, and of course, the outfit you pair it with, this stunning updo can either be sexy-chic  for evening, or playful-retro for daytime.

You’ll need medium and large size rollers and pins.



Here’s how to pull it off:

Spray a 2-inch section of dry hair with volumizer. Alternating medium and large rollers, wrap hair horizontally from tips up to roots. “Start at the crown and stagger sections in a brick pattern along the back of your head,” says Stegerhoek.

  1. Once curls cool, remove rollers and tease roots with a finetooth comb.
  2. Gather hair at the center of your head, twist up and insert large bobby pins all over to secure.
  3. Tie a simple ribbon from the nape to crown.

Source: http://www.instyle.com

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