The (sometimes) frugal fashionista strikes again!

I debated writing this post because I feel like I’ve found a golden nugget, and don’t want to spread the word too loudly. Heaven forbid I go back next time and don’t find what I found the other day.

Nahhhh, I’m a generous person who believes in karma – so here’s the scoop!

I’ve completely discovered and fallen in love with Centrepoint at Bahrain City Centre. I’ve lived in Bahrain for almost two years, and last week was the first time I forced myself to go in. I can’t even remember why. I think I heard they were having a sale on candles, and hey, I love candles, so why not check it out?! Sometimes, I’m amazed at how easygoing I am, not to mention open-minded, when it comes to a little retail therapy.

I was never all that intrigued by Centrepoint because their display windows are really targeted towards young families, but inside the shop is a plethora of brands, departments and general variety – with out-of-this-world sales – you can’t leave without something, whether it’s for you, your family, or your home. I don’t have kids, so it’s still all about my hubby and me, but he more or less accompanied me by force.

Generally, the clothing and shoes didn’t thrill me by any means, but they were having a 24-hour sale this past weekend, and shoes have an amazing way of calling to me for a quick look-see.

Low and behold, there they were – stunning KG by Kurt Geiger and Carvela heels, just one of each pair – IN MY SIZE!!! I mean, is that meant to be, or what? The best part? BD 19.95 EACH. HOLY GUACAMOLE WITH EXTRA AVOCADO!

These shoes retail for over BD 100 each, and honestly, I’m in love. I’m not really one to care whether or not they are from last season, so if you are, then this post isn’t for you. BUT, if you love designer-wear, and you LOVE a great deal for great quality, then drop your laptop and head over to Centrepoint STAT!

Here are my new beauties…

KG by Kurt Geiger Eucalyptus (Squeal-worthy note: the bow is adjustable/removeable… EEEEEK!!!)

Carvela Ginger

Under the Landmark Group umbrella, Centrepoint is a one-stop shopping destination that houses Babyshop, Splash, Lifestyle, Shoe Mart and Beautybay under one roof. Centrepoint has become the number-one family shopping destination across the Middle East.

Beautiful Chaos at Marni for H&M Launch – Bahrain City Centre

And so it was – the launch of the Marni at H&M Collection. Like a scene out of a movie, shoppers took to the displays by storm as if nothing stood in their way – and for a brief moment in time, even a barricade barely stopped them.

My husband – panic-struck and in complete awe of the vulturesque ways of women on a mission – had never seen anything like it.  Really, you have to be a woman to understand the desperate desire of wanting something – anything – so badly you’ll do anything to get your hands on it – especially at a much-anticipated collection launch such as the collaboration of Marni at H&M.

Within mere minutes, the entire collection was completely sold out, with the exception of a few pairs of lonely socks. After all, we’re in Bahrain – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman wearing socks!

Nevertheless, here’s my story…

As the blog competition winner, I (Glow Bahrain), along with the first runner up (sisters from A Day in the Sandbox), had the opportunity to view and shop the new collection first hand at 7:00 am.  I brought my hubby along since I don’t have an “official” photographer and purse-holder, as I would be very busy picking through and touching everything.  After all, I’ve been reading and blogging about this moment for so long, I knew I’d be completely in the moment, needing all hands free of personal belongings!

As we approached the store at 7:00 am sharp, we noticed a buzz outside of the store already.  A line up had already started forming, consisting of about 10-20 anxious shoppers who clearly had their eyes and hearts set on very specific items.

As I was ushered past them by the store manager, I was met with eyes like daggers.  Let me tell you, if looks could kill (I’d be long gone)!  Regardless (after all, I totally earned it), there I was in all my glory, picking out my favourites with sheer and utter glee.  The lovely ladies from A Day in the Sandbox and I made a friendly unofficial pact to be as discreet as possible to avoid the jealous stares and angry comments to security about how we were “taking everything,” so they should be let in. Really?!  Our VIP moment was a tad intimidating, and we couldn’t look around without looking over our shoulder to make sure we weren’t going to get spontaneously trampled by people who couldn’t stand seeing us deplete the inventory. Once again, REALLY?!

The store manager had asked me to wait until 8:00 am to purchase my gorgeous finds, at which time they would start the checkout and open the doors to the public.  As the time passed and the line grew exponentially (to almost 200, I estimate), the cattiness of eager, restless shoppers – women and men alike – became practically explosive.

Then, the clock struck 8.  As the doors opened, shoppers came flying in the store from every angle, tearing apart the displays, ripping carefully assembled outfits off the manikins, and clearing the racks and stands as if their lives depended on it.  I wouldn’t be far off in saying that it was like being in a lion’s den at feeding time. My poor hubby had to leave the store after getting shoved out of the way on three different occasions – and the poor guy isn’t exactly frail!  They were not even looking at what they were grabbing – item, size, price – it didn’t matter in the least! They’d barter it later before checking out. The goal was GRAB ANYTHING, EVERYTHING, GO, GO, GO!

A couple of minutes later, the bountiful collection that the staff had spent all night and morning working on was utterly cleaned out – you barely had time to blink.  All that was left were the skeletal remains of hangers, racks and tables.

Hours later, I sit here reminiscing about the experience, and while I’m so happy to have been a part of the beautiful chaos, I’m even MORE thrilled that I got my Marni pieces without incident.

Thanks for the amazing experience, H&M!

For those shoppers that arrived when the mall actually opened at 10:00 am, sorry you missed out, but try back again in a couple of days (and get there early!)

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