The guide to applying salon-perfect polish at home

The benefits of Olive Oil – inside and out

Olive Oil offers such a variety of health and beauty benefits – inside and out!  It’s mild, non-irritant, antibacterial and rich in antioxidents (you might start keeping a bottle in your bathroom instead of your kitchen).  Here’s a list of uses for Olive Oil that you can start using right away.

  • Use Olive Oil instead of moisturizing cream to soothe parched lips, and boost your skin’s elasticity, hydration and overall radiance. If you’re uncomfortable using this on a daily basis, try it once a week – and remember this tip as a back-up when you run out of your regular moisturizer.
  • Whenever you’re about to apply a facial masque, add a few drops of Olive Oil to alleviate that dry and tight sensation once you remove the masque, and helps your skin remain hydrated.  A simple, yet effective masque recipe includes: A few drops of Olive Oil, 1 tbsp Honey, and 2 tsp Milk.  Apply to your face, and let it settle for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with luke warm water.
  • Strengthen weak/brittle nails and dry/cracked cuticles by soaking them in a cup of Olive Oil.  For stained nails and fingers (smoker, anyone?), simply squeeze in some lemon juice and soak until you notice a difference.
  • Pamper yourself at home with a relaxing stress-relieving Olive Oil hair/head massage.  Warm Olive Oil by pouring some in a plastic sealable bag; then place the bag in a dish filled with hot water for about 3 minutes.  Pour some of the Olive Oil in the palm of your hand and gently rub it into your scalp from root to tip.  You’ll say goodbye to split ends and dandruff, while saying hello to bounce and shine!
  • If you have more time on your hands and really want a deep hair treatment, the following tip is great once or twice a month – especially if you’ve been exposing your hair to the harsh effects of pollution and sun.  Beat together the following: 2 (beaten) egg yolks, 2 tbsp’s Olive Oil.  Massage this concoction all over your hair (best to do this over the bathtub or sink); leave it on for 20-30 minutes; then shampoo/condition.
  • To treat your body, massage Olive Oil all over before washing it off; and if you’re a bath-lover, don’t forget to add a few drops to your bathwater before stepping in. 
  • As you know, Olive Oil is edible, so it’s also a great remedy for dry/cracked lips, especially if you’ve got a nasty cold (in this case, good for dry,/cracked nose), or for regular use in the Winter months.
  • Exfoliate hands and feet with an invigorating scrub combining granulated sugar with Olive Oil.  Rub it all over and cover with socks for a few hours before washing off (if you can stand it, leave it on all night long! Your hands and feet will be soft as ever by morning.
  • Got a hot date, need to shave – and run out of shaving cream? Olive Oil to the rescue!  Smear the oil all over and shave away.  You’ll notice a smoother shave AND save time as it also acts as an after-shave lotion to nourish and lubricate.   
  • Finally, Olive Oil is a fantastic substitute for makeup remover.  Use it at night and wake up to radiant, supple and soft skin.

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